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Yahoo is an American web services provider. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. In 1994 in the month of January, David Filo and Jerry established Yahoo. Yahoo was one of the leads of the early Internet era in the 1990s. Yahoo was the king of all. It is one of the most reliable and long-standing email providers.

Yahoo is one of the best email services around. It allows users to communicate around the world for free. It’s no wonder – it’s free and easy to set up.

Yahoo was one of the most popular sites in the United States at its height. It was ranked as the sixth-most-visited website globally in 2016. Now it is the third biggest emailing service provider next in line after Google’s Gmail and the all-new Microsoft Outlook email. Over 227 million people use Yahoo services every month.

How to Use Yahoo Mail Options

The message options in Yahoo Mail is shown up on menu bars in your Inbox and on the Compose screen. These consist of certain options for dealing with messages, deleting emails, and so on. Signatures, filters, security options affect how your entire account works.

Message Options

Yahoo Mail option is used for working with specific incoming emails. It appears on a menu bar at the top of the Inbox. If you want to format your outgoing emails, just use the toolbar provided below the message on the Compose screen.

Inbox Mail Options

To work with the messages in your inbox, check one or more emails. You can choose an option from the menu bar to Delete, Move or mark messages as Spam. For other options, as marking a message as unread, click More.

Yahoo Inbox Mail Options
Yahoo Inbox Mail Options

Formatting Options

Below the composition area, you’ll find options for formatting your text. If you want to change the size of the text, make it appear bold or italic or change the color of the fond, click on the “Tt” option. You can apply these options only to the current email. Select a block of text and then click an option to apply it to the selection. Or, click an option without selecting text to use it for the input to come.

Yahoo Mail Compose Formatting Options
Yahoo Mail Compose Formatting Options

Account Options

Yahoo provides you with the necessary tools to customize your Yahoo Mail for a better experience. To do so all you need to do is look for the ‘gear icon’ at the top left next to your profile icon. Of all options, choose the ‘Settings’ option. There you’ll have the liberty to change the site’s background image or a cool theme of your liking. Yahoo Mail provides dozens of settings for customizing the site to your personal liking. After changing settings, click ‘Save’ to finish.

Yahoo Settings
Yahoo Settings

Viewing Email

This tab chooses how your inbox looks and how it organizes emails. Options include whether to show email previews in the inbox and how to mark messages read. If you don’t like how Yahoo Mail groups reply, turn off Enable Conversations. If you want to revert the entire site to an older, simpler style, change the Mail Version to Basic.

Writing Email

You’ll find options about adding recipients to the contacts list. An option for the default font and text size of your outgoing emails. You can’t set a default font color. If you use Signature, your signature can include formatting options such as color.


The Accounts tab on the right-hand side shows options for your Yahoo account. It includes both Yahoo Mail and other services. You can visit this tab if your are looking to change your Yahoo Mail password and add a new email. You might as well edit your profile and link your Facebook account with Yahoo mail from here.


It helps you to organize your incoming messages. You can also ignore certain messages by placing emails into different folders. To do so, click the “Add” option to create a new filter. Give the filter a name to identify it, and then add matching criteria, such as an email’s sender or subject line. Pick the folder where the filter should drop matching emails and click Save.


The Security tab has three options. Show Images sets whether to show attached pictures or only after a click. You can choose Never by Default or Always, Except in Spam Folder. Images in spam can alert a spammer that you’ve opened a message. So, you can’t choose to always show images within the Spam folder. The second option sets how to erase spam emails. The last option let you create disposable addresses. It helps you to avoid spam when signing up for a website. You should stay anonymous when giving out your email address to strangers. Click on the Create Base Name to start and pick a name as a base for all your disposable addresses.

Yahoo is updating its Mail app across all the platforms with a fresh design. The new update will most probably include new themes, a collapsible toolbar, and better handling of threaded conversations. The new app is rolling out across the web, Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices with complete features.

The update brings a radical new look to the inbox, due to the new themes. It uses either solid colors, provided images or content from Flickr. The new appearance of Mail owes a lot to that app and, when you take it in total, it looks a lot like Apple’s iOS 7. There are lots of transparency effects.  On iOS 7 there are even some parallax effects.

Yahoo Mail Layout
Yahoo Mail Layout

Yahoo is smashing the storage limit for Mail to 1TB for all users. That should provide around 500k-1M attachments and ‘6,000 years’ of the inbox for the average user. All the features that were before a part of Yahoo’s ‘Mail Plus’s product are also now free for all users. This means that things like disposable email addresses. The POP email and mail forwarding are all included with a basic Yahoo Mail account. If you’ve subscribed to Mail Plus, you’ll be able to continue paying $19.99 a year for the ‘ad-free’ version of mail. The new users, however, will have to pay $49.99 a year for the new Ad-Free Mail product. If you’re okay with some ads, the new Mail gets a lot of new functionality.

When Yahoo Mail users load up the new look, they’re going to enjoy it. The new design is cleaner and crisper. By default, it looks like a nice update, but applying a theme brings it alive. Those themes will sync across all your web and mobile versions of the app.

Yahoo Mail Inbox
Yahoo Mail Inbox

Besides the visual changes, there is also a series of mechanical updates to the Yahoo inbox. The sidebar on the left side of the screen on the web version is now collapsible. When you fold it down, you’ll get simple icons along the left.

A few decisions have made that should improve speed and mail handling. One is a series of shortcuts that let you ‘star’, find an email from the same sender or trash a message.

Speed improvement is a new expandable conversation thread. It lets you see all the messages you’ve traded with that person without having to ‘open’ the full view. Click on a downward chevron to see your messages. This is a neat way that conversations work on tablets and how they work in Gmail currently.

There is a nice update to the compose mechanics both inside and out of conversations. The ‘compose’ window is also much improved, with a cleaner and more logical layout. The formatting options have moved to the bottom. The CC and BCC fields are also collapsed into the field, which clears more clutter. The subject line has been given a bit of priority and bolder type to give it a ‘blog post’ type feel as well.

You can enjoy all the above-mentioned features on Yahoo’s apps for Windows 8, Android and iOS as well. One can access all the shortcut options via a swipe on a message. As well as the threaded conversations work well as exposed in the secondary pane.


If you still haven’t joined the Yahoo Mail platform, you must be flooded by mails in your current mail. But if you’re planning to switch, there’s always another better option and this time it is Yahoo. The new update make Yahoo Mail a better go to mail service provider. There are a bunch of little details that show some serious thought about how email does and should work.

Yahoo Mail Inbox
Yahoo Mail Inbox

Yahoo’s new Mail service launched in 2012. It hasn’t seen a major update in about a year, so this is a milestone release. Yahoo’s still one of the biggest providers out with around 281M users. It has taken some heat lately on the mail front for its recycling policies. Account recycling is something that all services will have to deal with at some point, so it’s worth exploring how to do it right.

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